Tuned In: Katy Perry Linked to Male Model Baptiste Giabiconi

Katy Perry Linked to Male Model

Anytime Katy Perry is photographed with anyone of the opposite sex, tongues will wag. Just last week, UK tabloids speculated about Katy’s “hunky new man” when she stepped out with longtime stylist Johnny Wujek, who isn’t even into ladies. So of course now that Katy’s been hanging out with male model Baptiste Giabiconi, it means she’s raring to run down the aisle a second time.

Elsewhere in the music sphere, John Mayer has pulled an Adele and cancelled his upcoming tour, Justin Bieber’s new album has some hipster cred, and prog-rock band Rush is not down with Rush Limbaugh. Here’s what’s up.

• Katy Perry is totally going to make babies friendly with male model Baptiste Giabiconi, otherwise known as Karl Lagerfeld’s very hot, well-groomed muse. Given that Giabiconi once said of Perry, “If I could make her divorce her husband, I’d marry her,” this is the stuff tabloid dreams are made of.

Sure it’s fluff, but it gives me a reason to post the truly wondrous music video Baptiste released a few years back. How could Katy possibly resist a man who wears way more jewelry than she does and appears to draw inspiration from Vanilla Ice and 5ive? Exactly. This is a match made in heaven. Watch the video.

• John Mayer will not tour this spring, as he is still suffering from a vocal injury. Though doctors believed the performer had recovered from the vocal surgery he underwent last fall, this week he discovered that a granuloma had grown back, making it dangerous for him to sing.

Mayer promised his fans that some good would come of his time off, however: “I feel really vibrant as a writer at the moment and there’s no reason not to begin the next album project in the time I would have been touring. Somewhere in all of this is another surgery and a very long chemically-imposed period of silence, so I hope you’ll understand that I have to really pick that date carefully.”

Mayer’s new album, Born and Raised, will be released on May 22 as planned.

• Justin Bieber’s got some cool kids helping him out with upcoming album Believe, including British music producer and DJ Diplo, who most recently worked some boner jam magic for Usher (check out the insanely sexy video for “Climax” at right).

Justin recently promised a fan that there would be some “sexy tracks” on the new album (Diplo’s specialty), so we’re anticipating something that will make people uncomfortable.

It sounds like these bros are working hard. Diplo tweeted late Thursday night, “Lost at ping pong 3 times and then fell asleep on the floor for 2 hours #studio.”

• Rush would really like Rush Limbaugh to stop playing their music on his show, now that everyone’s remembered that Limbaugh is a misogynist jerk. Unfortunately for the band most beloved by 13-year-old boys wowed by “amazing technical prowess,” they probably can’t legally keep Limbaugh from playing their tunes, as long as his network has paid for them. But maybe Limbaugh will be respectful and pull the band from his roster. It could happen.

• At this point everyone and her mom has seen Rihanna take her clothes off, but somehow, it never gets old.