See Kim Kardashian as a Blonde

See Kim Kardashian as a Blonde
Did Kim Kardashian chop off all of her luscious hair and go blond? Pfft, come on. No way! The reality star was just having a little fun with her, uh, wig collection Friday night.

Ms. Kardashian posted the pics us her dress-up session on Twitter, for all of her 13 million followers to enjoy. She added the caption “Do blondes have more fun?” to the pixie cut pic, then posted another Instagram shot of her in a fiery red wig with blunt bangs. Fierce!

While the starlet hammed it up with fake hair, her ex-husband Kris Humphries is apparently trying his best to get some of her “hard-earned” moolah. TMZ reports he’s asking for $7 million to put the whole marriage thing behind him, but sources say the Kardashian Kamp isn’t budging. The former couple had a set-in-stone pre-nup, which stipulates the NBA star gets nothing in the event of a divorce — even if it is after a mere 72 days. So, nothing he shall receive, if the reality star and her lawyer have their way.

Besides, apparently Humphries actually made some money from being on the reality show and even scored about $1 million from all of the wedding hooplah. So, really, he should be happy he wasted a year and a half of his life on Kim, right?

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