Justin Bieber Threatened with Lawsuit Over Reckless Tweet

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s celebration over his latest best-selling “Boyfriend” single was cut short yesterday after a pair of Texans lawyered up and threatened to hit the pop star with a suit demanding a significant payout.

The couple claims that the Biebs is responsible for thousands of people harassing them over the phone thanks to a Twitter prank gone wrong. See, earlier this month, Justin casually posted a tweet that read “Call me right now,” followed by a string of random digits. Bieber probably thought he was in the clear because he left the fake phone number one digit short, but what he didn’t take into account was the fact that, of his 19 million followers, some of them would take their chances by simply guessing the missing number.

Cut to Dilcie and Kent, a Texas couple who happen to own one of those potential number combinations. Dilcie and Kent claim that they’ve since received over 1,000 calls at all hours of the day, and, as a result, they want compensation from Justin Bieber for his careless tweet.

The best part of the situation is what Dilcie and Kent are expecting from the 18-year-old pop phenom. According to TMZ, the couple’s legal team is seeking everything from concert tickets for their grandchildren to an endorsement for Kent’s upcoming online project (oh, and money, of course). While Kent’s online entrepreneurial pursuits are surely intriguing, Justin and his team have yet to respond to the couple’s legal threats and compensation requests.

To think this could have all been avoided had Bieber and his followers been alive for Tommy Tutone.